The Irish are accustomed to foreign visitors in their country. Every year more people visit Ireland than live there. For the most part Ireland is laid-back and informal. Dress is very casual, especially in the tourist areas. Your vacation should not be a fashion contest. For maximum comfort and practicality it is recommended that you bring layers of clothes that are easy to care for. Leave those bright white slacks and the clothes that wrinkle at home.


The key to a pleasant trip is to be comfortable and travel light. Who cares if you wear the same thing for two or three days? If you run low on clean clothes there are laundry facilities throughout Ireland that offer same day service. Your accommodation may also provide laundry service. If you pack light you can also take an extra empty bag with you or pickup an inexpensive one along the way. That way you will have room to bring home all the treasures you will undoubtedly pick up along the way. Remember most airlines restrict you to two checked bags and one carry on.


As a side note, it should be mentioned that there are a few upscale establishments that may require a jacket for dinner. This is by far the exception and not the rule. Additionally, it should be noted that Dublin has become a fashionable chic European city and some Dubliners dress very well. But remember you are a tourist, and you do not need to impress anyone!


The following is a list of some of the recommended things to bring:

    • Your valuable printed information from
    • Other travel guides
    • Passport (even if you don’t need one)
    • Driver’s license and other forms of identification
    • Credit cards, bankcard, cash and/or travelers checks
    • Camera and film
    • Address book
    • Cosmetics and toiletries
    • Extra eyeglasses and contacts
    • Any necessary medicine (carry it with you personally with the prescription labels)
    • A waterproof jacket, windbreaker or raincoat
    • Two pairs of comfortable shoes
    • Umbrella
    • Watch
    • Travel Alarm
    • Motion sickness, upset stomach/anti-nausea medicine, and pain reliever
    • Chewing gum for ear discomfort (if you’re flying)


If you are an American and want to be duly noted as such wear a pair of shorts, tennis shoes and a ball cap. It will be a dead giveaway.