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Irish Glossary

An Lar – City Center
A Chara – Friend
Avon, Owen – River
Aw, Ow – River
Bally – Town
Bangers – Sausage
Black & Tan – Half Guinness & Half Bass
Bonnet – Car Hood
Boot – Car Trunk
Bord Failte – Irish Tourist Board (board of welcomes)
Brilliant – Great
Caravan Travel Trailer – Small House Trailer
Carraig – Rock
Carrick – Rock
Cead Mile Failte – A hundred thousand welcomes (kay-d mile Fawlcha)
Ceili – Irish Dance (kaylee)
Cheers – Thanks or Good-bye
Chemist – Pharmacy
Chips – French Fries
Craic – Fun
Crisps – Potato Chips
Dear – Expensive
Dollied Up – Dressed Up
Dun – Fort
Eejit – Idiot
Ennis – Island
Ensuite – Room with a private bath
Erin Go Bragh – Ireland Forever
Fag – Cigarette
Fir – Men (Men’s room)
Fry – Full Irish breakfast
Gaeltacht – Irish Speaking Area
Garda Siochana – Policeman
Half & Half – Half Guinness & Half Harp (don’t call it a black and tan)
i (green sign w/ letter “i”) – Tourist Information Office
Inis – Island
Jar – Measure of Drink
Jumper – Sweater
Kill, Kil – Church
Lift – Elevator
Lorry – Truck
Lough – Lake

Mna – Women (Women’s room)
Off-License – Liquor store
Petrol – Gas/Fuel
Pissed – Drunk
Poitin/Poteen – Moonshine
Pudding – Dessert
Quay – Waterfront
Queue – Wait in Line
Quid, also called Bob – Money
Rashers – Bacon
Roundabout – Traffic Circle
Rubbish – Trash/Not True
Scheme – A legitimate plan or project
Scone – Sweet Biscuit
Slag – Teasing
Slainte – Cheers (pronounced schlancha)
Slan – Farewell (there isn’t an Irish word for good bye)
Slan Go Foill – So Long
Stone – Forteen Pounds
Sweets – Candy
Take-Away – Take Out Food
Taoiseach – Prime Minister (teeshock)
Till – Cash register or ATM
Toilet, also called Loo – Restroom
Touron – A cross between a tourist and a moron
Trainers – Tennis Shoes
Two Fingers – Two fingers has the same meaning as one middle finger regardless of which way your fingers are pointing. So don’t ask for two by holding up two fingers!
Windscreen – Windsh

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