This document is intended to assist in answering our most frequently asked questions or FAQ’s. We request that you thoroughly familiarize yourself with the online resources of VisitIreland. The answer to most questions is already covered on our site.


At VisitIreland we are committed to assisting people from around the globe. However, our staff is English speaking. Therefore, we request all correspondence be in English.


Q. Can you mail me travel brochures and/or maps?
A. No, all information is contained on the site and may be printed. We do not mail any travel information.


Q. Can you provide me with answers for specific travel information and questions?
A. Yes, we do offer a standard level of free assistance to individuals who book their travel through VisitIreland. We also offer travel-planning services at a rate of $ 75.00 (US) per hour.


Q. We have a group that would like to visit Ireland. Can you assist us in putting a tour together?
A. Yes we have an experienced group travel specialist. Please contact us for more details.

Q. Can you assist me with my family genealogy?
A. At this time no. We will be adding genealogy resources to VisitIreland in the future.


Q. Can you help me find a job in Ireland?
A. No, we do not provide this service.


Q. I would like to move to Ireland. Can you help me?
A. No, we do not provide this service. We recommend you visit


Q. I would like to get married in Ireland. Can you help me?
A. No, we do not provide this service.


Q. I would like to attend an (Irish Language, English Language, Equestrian, etc.) School. Do you have any information?
A. All school information is contained on VisitIreland. Please refer to the Instruction section of the web site.


Q. May I link to VisitIreland from my site?
A. Yes, we encourage links to our site! However, we request you send an email to to notify us of your link.


Q. I have looked on you accommodation directory and cannot find the lodging I desire.
A. We are continually building our accommodation directory and adding new establishments on an ongoing basis. However, our directory is limited to establishments who are willing to participate in our system. All accommodations are listed in our online directory.


Q. I would like to be listed on VisitIreland. Who should I contact?
A. All potential advertisers and affiliates please contact


Q. I live in the USA or Canada, what documentation do I need to have to travel to Ireland?
A. As an American or Canadian citizen, you are required to have a Passport.


Q. I live in Europe within the EU, what documentation do I need for travel to Ireland?
A. As a EU resident, you are required to have a national photo ID card. It is advisable to carry a valid passport. Because requirements change all the time, it is advisable to check with you local Consulate.